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Rough Sleepers - Nem Rowan

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Softback. Gurt Dog Press. 2020. New condition.

Leon, a drag performer and club owner, loses his arm in a brutal werewolf attack that leaves him saddled with a destructive curse. Unaware of the monster he will become, the curse leads him to massacring his own club guests, and his tiny found-family is destroyed along with his life. Now, homeless and tormented by horrific nightmares of the murders he committed, he runs away from everything he knows.

Eventually, he meets Ceri, a Welshman who has been helping another werewolf to hunt down the rogue that bit them. He invites Leon to live with him above her shop and Leon gladly lends his own assistance to the hunt, eager to atone for his bloody past in the hopes he might one day be able to have a home and a family again…

Content Warnings
Graphic violence, graphic gore, death, attempted suicide, abduction, car accident, some mild transphobia.