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Foto: Filippa Axelsson

The mission of PAGE 28

is to be an enduring sanctuary for the LGTBQ+ people of Malmö and the world. Our doors are open to all the freaks and misfits, the perverts and closet cases, the dykes and faggots and queers of all kinds. To all who come here we offer the warmth of community, a resilient fight for justice, solidarity across borders and an immersion in the beauty that is queer culture. We are guided by creativity, openness, respect, mutual support of one another, pride and love. We promise to always support you to be your authentic self and to nourish your unapologetic queer identity. We vow to always push the limits of artistic expression and strive to make more LGBTQ+ people thrive in all aspects of life. Radical political thought, critical discussion and fearless creativity are our cornerstones in the fight for sexual liberation and gender euphoria. We want all queer people to not just survive, but thrive - in our space and everywhere.