Become a patreon

  • In order for us to be able to develop our bookstore and be able to arrange queer cultural events of many different kinds on our own, we need financial support. We work in many different ways to finance our business, including through grants and book sales. It is important to us that our business should be easily accessible even to those who do not have that much money, which we ensure through low prices and mainly free events. In order for us to continue to prioritize accessibility in this way, we have now opened a Patreon - where you who feel that you can afford it can contribute a penny to the association which we can then use to make our business - both the bookstore and the cultural events even better !

    Note that we do not currently offer different benefits for different membership levels, donate at the level that suits you best - SEK 50, SEK 75 or SEK 150 a month!

Du kan även swisha en donation till 123 559 23 99!