New in Malmö? Queer visiting Skåne? Or are you simply looking for a new LGBTQ+-community?

Published 28 februari 2024
Updated: 28 februari 2024

We at PAGE 28 have compiled a queer guide to Malmö! Do you have suggestions for more places that should be included in the list? Feel free to reach out to us.

PAGE 28 - Sweden's only LGBTQ+-bookshop.

PAGE 28 is a non-profit organisation running Sweden’s only LGBTQ+ bookshop. We also operate as a queer cultural venue and meeting place. PAGE 28 exists to uplift and create more culture by and for LGBTQ+ people. We do this by organising poetry readings, author talks, art exhibitions, film screenings and much more.

We want to be a queer haven for all LGBTQ+ people, providing a sanctuary and a community where queer literature and culture is given the place it deserves. We are also a volunteer-run organisation that you can become a part of and get involved in.

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Community spaces 

RFSL Malmö

The non-profit organisation RFSL Malmö is a part of the nation-wide organisation RFSL. They organise several conversation groups and meetups in Malmö, including:

Conversation group for trans and non-cis people

Every semester, RFSL Counselling organises a conversation group for anyone that in some way identifies as trans or not cis. The meetings happen about once a month. These meetings facilitate discussion on different topics, thoughts and experiences. The group is open to everyone over 18, and to join, all one needs to do is to send an email to


HabitatQ is a meeting place for all LGBTQ+ people between the ages of 13 and 19, where one can socialise with other LGBTQ+ people. The different hangouts offer snacks, crafts, and an opportunity to meet other young queers.

Bi+ träffar Skåne

Bi+ träffar Skåne (Bi+ meetups Skåne) is for those who identify as bisexual or something else under the Bi+ umbrella. Bi+ organises meetups about once a month, mostly with different themes each time. If you’re interested, send an email to or visit the Facebook group:

RFSL Newcomers

This is a meeting place for LGBTQ+ refugees, asylum seekers and migrants that have recently come to Malmö, or Skåne as a whole. They provide support, help, and guidance. If you’re interested in joining the group or working as a volunteer, email:


spAce is a meeting place for anyone that identifies as being on the aromantic (aro) and/or the asexual (ace) spectrums. They provide a meeting spot for those that just want to be, without being questioned in alloromantic and allosexual society. For more info, visit their instagram @spacemalmö or email

SLM Malmö

At a discreet location on Sallerupsvägen, those who know where to go will find this members-club, targeted towards men who like men, male and manly fetischism, and the BDSM culture. Various themed nights are regularly organised for members, with dress code differing depending on the event. A yearly membership costs 500 kr, and a monthly membership is 120 kr – you can set up your membership at the venue!

Sallerupsvägen 30, 212 18 Malmö

RAR - Rest and Resist 

RAR is a queer, creative collective that started out in 2022. The aim of RAR is to create a community through art, creativity and activism. 

Transammans Syd

Transammans Syd is the local organisation for all members of Transammans, an organisation for trans people and their close ones, in Skåne, Blekinge, Kronoberg or Kalmar. Transammans work to support, educate, and influence, and offer safe places to meet for all matters concerning gender identity. In Skåne, Lund also has an activity group.


Transammans Lund: 

RFSU Malmö 

RFSU is a pioneering non-governmental Swedish organisation working with sexual education and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). They offer training, networks, educator activities, and organise important events, such as Barnvagnsmarschen (the stroller march). In Malmö, there is also Sexualterapeutiska mottagningen (the sexual therapeutic clinic), where one can receive psychotherapeutic treatment for sexual difficulties, and counselling for those wondering about gender identity and sexual identity. 

Tamam Luna 

Tamam Luna is a meeting place for those between the ages of 13 and 19, who are BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of colour) and identify as LGBTQIA+ and/or have thoughts about gender identity. Here you can snack, meet new friends, listen to music, make arts and crafts, and talk with other LGBTQIA+ people, both young people and adults. A safe space where you can do things that feel important and fun!

Read more on their website:

Bar, clubs, restaurants 


At this cosy hummus bar, Ibrahim Idrees invites you into his middle eastern family kitchen. Malmö’s very first hummus bar opened up its doors in 2019, and beyond Ibrahim’s homemade (and fantastic!) hummus and baba ganoush, this place serves – among other things – filling soups and tasty pastries. At Ibra’s you’ll always have a warm welcome, and it feels more like visiting a dear family member than a lunch spot. The location at Triangeln also makes this a perfect place to get food for a train journey!

Södra Förstadsgatan 43, Malmö


This initiative started out in Stockholm and has now made its way down to Malmö! Hotellhänget is a party for all girls, trans and non-binary people to feel safe and be free to take up space. Bring someone you love, a date, a friend, or come on your own and meet new people.

Hotellhänget usually happens once a month, and you’ll find the next date in their Facebook group!

Le Queer Malmö

Albin Ganovic is the driving force behind the queer club Le Queer, which opened in 2023. Every month, Le Queer takes over Boulebar’s venue in Folkets Park and transforms it into a glittering nightclub with queer DJs, drag shows and dance. Free entry!

Norra Parkgatan 6, 211 53 Malmö

Malmö Guerilla Queer Bar Takeover

MGQBT is run by four people who want to create more spaces in Malmö for queers to eat, drink, dance, and make out at! Every month the group invades a bar or club in Malmö and transforms it into a shimmering and queer space. The next target is revealed the day before, so keep a lookout on social media!

Jonas Schlagerbar 

Jonas Hedqvist started this pop-up concept with his great love of schlager and an ambition of creating more places for queer people over 30-40 to meet. The aim is for Schlagerbaren to happen at least once a month, and to offer live music, quizzes, and guest artists. Follow Jonas on Facebook for more information about the next event!   

Club Mermaid 

This Malmö based drag show was founded in 2022 by Jonna Blode Hanno and quickly became a great success, never failing to sell every last ticket, and taking part in Malmöfestivalen. The events organised by Club Mermaid always have various themes that the artists get to interpret freely, and everything from song and dance to stand-up is welcome. 

Who am I to feel so free 

A pop-up Queer & Friends club sprinkled with closeted pleasures and queer hits! The mastermind behind this club is DJ IFuckingHateEverybody, who invites friends and guest DJs to curate an eccentric and queer playlist. The next event will be announced on their social media channels.  

U can sing with us 

The best people to describe U can sing with us, are of course themselves:

U can sing with us is a portable karaoke club, started and run by three queer women who host events, karaoke and DJ. They wanted to pursue their love of a karaoke that felt more queer & camp, and a safe space for all. The goal is to be a more inclusive space for karaoke. Expect prices, silly contests, stand up, Karaoke roulette and hints of strip tease. A never seen before experience in Malmö!

Visit their Instagram for all the info: 

Gahba garage

A club night that mixes Studio 54 glam, colourful eastern kitsch and the sweaty dance culture of Paradise Garage. 

Read more on Instagram


Lady Busty & Miss Shameless

These two astonishing drag queens are based in Malmö and are famous for bringing Drag Queen Story Hour to Sweden. With bags packed with books, wigs, and sequins, they travel around to kindergartens and libraries to read aloud to children. For the adult audiences they offer Drag Queen Bingo at Plan B, a rambunctious show that often brings in exciting guests! 

Cabaret Moulin

“Unna daj” (treat yourself) to a drag show! This trio started out back in 2006 and has since then given Skåne’s audiences heaps of glitz and glamour. Of the three, the most prolific is the elegant Elecktra, who charmed the Swedish people with her unapologetic Skåne accent in Drag Race Sweden in 2023. 


The drag-king collective COCKY KINGS is based in Malmö and was founded in 2022. Since then they’ve organised many kingly (k)nights at PAGE 28, Club Mermaid, and WHOSE Museum. Follow the kings on social media to make sure you don’t miss the next steamy evening! COCKY was started by kings Billy Panpizza and Nippy Slips, who always welcome new drag kings into their collective. 


DESEO Studio 

DESEO is a creative tattooing studio in Sofielund in Malmö, and is run by and for queer people. They offer a breadth of different tattoo styles and also frequently organise drop-in events and exhibitions where you can hang out with other queers. Deseo offers a cosy atmosphere and a safe space to make your tattoo experience the best it can be! 

Other fun things

Malmö Queer Film Festival 

This film festival is organised every year, and features hand-picked short films, documentaries, classics, and many other exciting films – naturally all with a focus on LGBTQIA+. Read more on their website to stay up to date on when the next edition will be hosted! 

Queer guide to Malmö is written by Rebecca Lundberg, Alexander Billefält Jakobsson and Ramsa Olsson.