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Yes, Roya by C Spike Trotman, E A Denich, Kelly Fitzpatrick

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Paperback. Iron Circus Comics. 2021. New book. 

Wylie Kogan is an aspiring artist, stumping for work in 1963 California (think Mad Men, but with palm trees). When a fawning fan letter grants him access to his cartoonist hero, the celebrated Joseph Ahlstrom, he's quick to take advantage of a proffered portfolio review... but winds up learning more than he ever wanted to about Joe when he stumbles across some of his idol's illicit fetish art.

His hasty, ill-considered theft of a drawing triggers a series of events he never planned on... most of which involve Joseph's imposing and resolute partner, Roya.

Yes, Roya is a 135-page graphic novel m/f/m femdom story, with ghost green on art, C. Spike Trotman on story chores, and kinomatika handling the cover.