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Two of us (beg.) - Halpin, Brendan

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Paperback. Review. 2004. Ok condition.

Life is not going well for teenage Rosalind. As if losing her two moms to a truck-load of frozen poultry wasn't bad enough, she's been packed off to live with a guy she barely knows, just because he donated some sperm to her mothers years ago. Bewildered, but determined to do things right, Sean struggles with his new-found fatherhood, which is tested to its limits as his newly acquired daughter starts hanging out with Bitches With Problems and develops a worrying passion for heavy metal. But out of teenage misdemeanour, fist-fights at school and unresolved grief an unlikely alliance is formed. And in trying to make sense of what has happened to their lives, Rosalind and Sean gradually lay the foundations for something new.