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The Boyfriend Experience (used.) - Alexis E. Skye

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Paperback. Caffeinated Owl Press. 2012. Very Good Condition

Nathaniel is a “professional boyfriend”. As a high-end escort who goes by the name Ethan, he provides the experiences of a real life boyfriend to a very exclusive clientele of rich and famous. His job is make his clients happy, and make sure no one finds out about what he does for a living.Everything changes when Nathaniel is contracted by a new client, who wants his services on an exclusive, 24/7 basis. Faced with the broodingly handsome Darren Chase, Nathaniel finds himself breaking his one and only Do not fall in love with the client.Darren Chase has money and influence; what he lacks is love. He is tired of playing games—too many people see him for the money he has and not who he really is. Taking on an acquaintance’s advice, he hires an escort who specializes in “boyfriend experiences”. Things seem to be working out great, until he finds himself falling for his boyfriend-for-hire.Love is blind and lovers are fools, but Nathaniel realizes that as long as his job description says professional boyfriend, they can never truly be together as lovers. What happens when Nathaniel decides that leaving is the only option? And more importantly, is Darren’s love for Nathaniel strong enough to keep them together?