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PichObraz - vagina coloring book

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Information from the creator 

Vulvas, vaginas or, if you prefer, the yoni - these anti-stress coloring pages for adults are not about anything else. In the book you will find a total of 40 playful images connecting calming mandalas with women's sanctuaries. And because every shrine is unique, we depict it in coloring books in a different, completely original and beautiful way.

PichObraz is fundamentally different from the coloring books you know. Although the coloring books are raunchy, they depict vulvas and vaginas in a tasteful and non-offensive way. You will have a great time with them, but they will also please you as a funny gift, for example for a friend or colleague. You'd be surprised how many people would enjoy coloring such coloring pages for adults!

We print anti-stress coloring pages on high-quality, heavy-weight paper suitable for coloring with crayons, felt-tip pens and markers. You can easily tear off the colored coloring pages from the book so that you can proudly display your works on a wall or even frame them.