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Candle: Penis 12 cm

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A dick a day will take the blues away. A small size silky smooth candle for those special moments.

Made by That Gay Creation

Information from the company:

Made of the queen of wax, the mighty coconut wax, this candle comes with a smooth creamy texture and a low burn point of 48 - 52 °C, which lengthen the candle life significantly compared to other waxes. It is also BDSM safe and ideal for wax play.

Coconut wax is a Colourless and odorless wax made from cold-pressed coconut meat. It is considered the best and healthiest type of wax, it's completely vegan and non-toxic and comes with many eco-friendly benefits since it emits no smoke and is soot-free. All of our candles are hand poured, hand dyed and locally sourced. Coconut wax has an excellent retention capacity for fragrances, and unfolds their full aroma especially during burning.

For scent we use top shelf pure & natural essential oils that are distilled directly from plants. They have many medicinal and recreational uses like stress reduction, fungal infection treatment, sleep improvement and of course, they smell wow.

Candle Care

- Due to the handmade process, colour, scent, and appearance may vary slightly and may come with small imperfections.

- Our candles are designed for a decorative purpose. If you do choose to light them, please place them on a heatproof dish to collect the wax.

- Never leave the candle unattended.

- Do not leave under direct sunlight or near heat, as this can cause discolouration or scent loss.

- Wick should be trimmed to a quarter of its length prior to use.

- Keep out of reach of children or pets.