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Breakup, Makeup by Stacey Anthony

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Hardcover. Running Press Kids. 2023. New Condition.

Glow Up meets Comic Con in this bold, queer second chance romance where a special effects makeup artist must compete against their ex-boyfriend in a unique makeup and cosplay competition to win the scholarship of their dreams . . . and maybe their ex's heart. 

Eli Peterson is a self-taught, up-and-coming makeup artist in the cosplay scene who is just barely making ends meet. While they might be slaying it with their breath-taking, innovative looks, they're also trying to save up enough money for top surgery and convince their parents that taking a gap year to focus on their dream of being a makeup artist is worthwhile. During a convention, Eli hears about Makeup Wars, a cosplay makeup competition that could change everything because the grand prize is a scholarship to Beyond, the best SFX school on the West Coast. The problem is that they be going head-to-head with some of the most talented up-and-coming makeup artists--including rival influencer Zachary Miller, who also happens to be their ex-boyfriend.

As the competition gets underway, Eli pushes themselves to be the best in the competition, while also trying not to get tangled up in the complicated feelings they have for Zach. Now Eli will have to juggle their makeup brushes, their rekindled feelings for Zach, and their self-doubt, in order to win and achieve everything they have ever wanted: a chance to chase their dream and the courage to accept that maybe they deserve a second chance at love after all.