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Page 28 - HBTQ-bokhandel och kulturscen

The Big Book of Queer Stickers

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Board book. Hachette UK Distribution. 2023. New Condition.

Celebrate queer pride with this deluxe LGBTQIA+ sticker book from artists Ash + Chess, featuring 1,000+ stickers!
From flags and rainbows to queer slogans (Gay All Day, Queer All Year) and declarations (Protect Trans Kids), you'll find hundreds of ways to joyfully share LGBTQIA+ pride in The Big Book of Queer Stickers.

Deluxe hardcover book with 1,000+ stickers. Inside this brightly colored book--complete with holographic foil on the cover--you'll find more than 1,000 stickers in all shapes and sizes.
2 bonus sheets of holographic stickers. 2 full sheets (40 stickers) are printed on holographic foil, adding a special, sparkly flair to your stickers.
Includes blank pages for doodling and stickering. At the back of your sticker book, find blank pages for journaling, doodling, or placing your stickers into custom arrangements.
Created by queer and trans stationery brand Ash + Chess. Ash + Chess are the queer and trans founders of the eponymous stationery line, and they've channeled all of their LGBTQIA+ pride into this collection of hundreds of celebratory stickers!