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Stora Sexboken: För Tjejer Som Har Sex Med Tjejer av Helene Delilah & Malinda Flodman (beg.)

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Häftad. Charlie by Kabusa. 2010. Gott Skick.

Stora sexboken is the first book in the Nordic countries aimed at women who have sex with women. It is an inspiring, sexy and practical guidance, whether you're a novice or veteran. It's about desire, arousal, orgasm, sexual self-esteem, erotica and of course about techniques.

The book also includes stories from real life and sexy quotes from modern and classical literature. Stora sexboken is richly illustrated with unique artwork.

Also: exercises, checklists, frequently asked questions and answers.

Malinda Flodman lectures, writes, studies and works with sex education, intelligence, public relations and marketing communications. She has previously worked as a project manager and school-guidance at RFSL, and with the internet community Qruiser. She currently works as a press officer at RFSL.

Helene Delilah works as a coordinator and school-guidance at RFSU Stockholm and operates since its inception in 1995 the leather and fetish club LASH for girls who like girls in Stockholm. She has also arranged V-Day, Vagina Day, in Stockholm.