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Seasons of a dyke - WMN Zine

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Zine. WMN. 2021. New condition. 

Seasons of a Dyke is a compilation of visual art and poetry by 24 artists of varying ages who identify as lesbian. All artists reside in 13 different states within rural areas of the United States or cities with a population of 800,000 or less. The works give a generous and intimate window into each artist’s experience working and existing in those rural landscapes, as a lesbian. The artists’ pieces span the furthest ends of the United States—and the spaces in between—and yet, what we see is an overview of surprisingly interrelated pieces, speaking to one another uniquely and unexpectedly with themes of resilience, vulnerability,  and desire.  

It was important for us to create a platform for dykes living in non-metropolitan areas to call attention to those working on the outskirts in the vast landscapes, small cabins, and on farms who create outside larger cities where the LGBTQ+ community tends to gravitate. The breadth of the works represents a substantial amount of experiences and intimacies, which cumulatively represent how different, yet undeniably human, we all are. By bringing visibility to those often cast to the side, Seasons of a Dyke contributes to a broader definition of what it means to be a lesbian artist.