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Raging mother mountain - Emmerson, Pat

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Softback. The Naiad Press Inc. 1989. OK Skick.

Irene Aguilar, wending her way up the California coast, is haunted by the words of a song, and her yearning for the woman she envisions in that song. Irene knows the word lesbian, but cannot apply it to herself. 

In the town of Mobley, Oregon, Artiss Ellis, unable to face yet another day of knowing she is a lesbian trapped in the hideous mistake of her marriage, is getting drunk. 

May Margaret McGinniss, the town librarian, is about to begin another day of work, another day of remembering her beloved Evelyn. 

And the startling Furosa Furechild has just breezed into homophobic Mobley. She is about to buy some land up on Raging Mother Mountain. Because she has a dream. An Amazon dream. An unquenchable dream called Wonderland.