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Not your villain - Lee, C.B.

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Softback. Duet. 2017. Begagnad, OK skick.

Second installement in the Sidekick Squad series. See also tome 1, Not Your Sidekick. 

Being a shapeshifter is awesome.

Bells Broussard thought he had it made when his superpowers manifested early. Being a shapeshifter is awesome. He can change his hair whenever he wants, and, if putting on a binder for the day is too much, he’s got it covered. But that was before he became the country’s most wanted villain.

After discovering a massive cover-up by the heroes’s League of Heroes, Bells and his friends Jess, Emma, and Abby set off on a secret mission to find the resistance. Meanwhile, power-hungry former hero Captain Orion is on the loose with a dangerous serum that renders meta-humans powerless, and a new militarized robotic threat emerges. 

Sometimes, to do a hero’s job, you need to be a villain.