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In the face of death are we equal - Cao, Mu

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Hardcover. Seagull Books. 2019. Begagnad, Mycket Bra Skick. 


”Those who know me call me Old He, and they also know that I’ve worked at a crematorium for my entire life.” Here begins Mu Cao’s novel, a poweful and authentic portrait of working-class gay men who live and love in the underbelly of Chinese society. He Donghai is days away from his sixtieth birthday and long-awaited retirement from his job as a corpse burner at a Beijing crematorium. As he approaches the momentous day, he reflects on his life and his relationship with an extraordinary group of young men who travel the country in search of a meal to eat and a roof over their heads. One of them is Ah Qing, a young migrant who leaves his village in Henan Province to earn a living in cities- and who has an unexpected connection to He.

Combining elements of magical realism and the grotesque, and alternating between first, second and third person, In The Face of Death We Are Equal tells the story of Ah Qing and the colorful cast of individuals he encounters in the course of his most unusual life.