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Page 28 - HBTQ-bokhandel och kulturscen

Drömsyskon #04 - Queering love languages

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Queering love languages:
What are the love languages of trans folk? What kind of webs of care have we woven for ourselves and each other in both platonic and romantic relationships? With a system that fails us, how is it that we create and maintain love?
Acts of Love (language):
#1 words of affirmation
#2 Acts of care (service)
#3 Gifts
#4 Quality time/intimate connection
#5 physical touch
#42 ?
#158 ??
#899 ???
**Queering love language:**
#1 info dumping
#2 support swapping: drink water, do that thing you need to do etc
#3 I found this cool rock, button, leaf and I thought you would like it.
#4 parallel play: doing your own things but existing in the same space
#5 please cram my soul back into my body: Those kind of tight hugs that are comforting
#42 ?
#158 ??
#899 ???