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Noah could never - Green, Simon James

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Paperback. Scholastic. 2018. New condition.

Noah and Harry have gone from friends to boyfriends, but is Noah ready for the difference?

It doesn't help that a group of French exchange students have descended on Little Fobbing - including sexy Pierre Victoire, who seems to have his eye on Harry. Meanwhile, Noah's paired up with a girl, who, outrageously, is German not even French!

But that's not all: Noah's being followed! By mysterious strangers in a black car!
Is it because:
A. Noah's dad and secret half-brother have stolen gran's fake diamonds?
B. His PE teacher is getting suspicious cash infusions from Russia?
C. A drag queen is hiding out at Noah's house after a bare-knuckled drag feud?
D. Noah's made some questionable life choices involving protein powder?