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Page 28 - HBTQ-bokhandel och kulturscen

5th wheel - Calloway, Kate

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Softback. The Naiad Press. 1998. Good condition.

A sadistic serial killer is abducting young women and leaving their mutilated bodies along Oregon's coastal highway. Kings Harbor policewoman Martha Harper believes the clues lead to a local college, but her superiors don't see it that way. Desperate For help, she turns to her best friend, Cassidy James.

Posing as a teaching assistant in the Theater Department, the undercover investigator soon finds herself surrounded by a east of intriguing characters, including the alluring Professor Lauren Monroe - whose talents, Cassidy will soon discover, are not limited tot he classroom. But the more she learns about Lauren and the people around her, the more Cassidy suspects she's not the only one playing a role.